Calasiao PNP destroy confiscated loud mufflers


TO show seriousness on the campaign against loud mufflers, Calasiao Police Station crushed 153 mufflers attached to motorcycles in front of the municipal building.

P/Superintendent Charlie Umayam, Calasiao chief of police, said the local police confiscated the loud mufflers from motorcycle riders who rode through the town.

The campaign was launched to impress upon residents that the Municipal Ordinance passed in 2013 that bans the use of noisy mufflers attached to vehicles particularly motorcycles, tricycles and light vehicles is in effect.

“This is to show the public that we are serious in the campaign against noisy and disruptive mufflers,” Umayam said, “I am aware that the vehicle owners intentionally cause their vehicles to emit noise by removing the silencing feature or completely replacing the original silencers,” he added.

He said motorcycle owners think that with loud mufflers, their units will run faster.

He said teams are deployed particularly at night to arrest riders, impound the motorcycle units and detach the loud mufflers.

He said consultations between the mayor’s office, sangguniang bayan and the town police are ongoing to amend the 2013 ordinance and provide for stiffer penalties.

The local police plan to visit and had a dialogue with makers and sellers of loud mufflers as part of the campaign.

He said the Calasiao Police have been receiving complaints from the community against motorcycles driving through barangay streets with loud mufflers.

Meanwhile, the Calasiao PNP has began coordinating efforts with the Dagupan City Police to stop the drag racing activity along the De Venecia Highway from Nalsian to Lucao area.

“We have already arrested three groups but we still hear of reports from residents about occasional drag racing in the area despite our warnings. We will not be forgiving with habitual offenders,” Umayam said. (Nora Dominguez)

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