Be the salt of the whole nation


LINGAYEN—Bishop Ricardo L. Baccay of the diocese of Alaminos called on Pangasinenses to “be salt of the whole nation”.

In his homily during a thanksgiving mass at the Sison Auditorium on the occasion of the 438th “Agew na Pangasinan”, Baccay told Pangasinenses: “You are the salt of the earth. Be the salt for other people. Be the cure for other people.”

Baccay, a native of Cagayan, used the word salt, knowing fully well that the name Pangasinan was derived from this word “salt”, as the province was at one time the “salt pan” that supplied the needs of the whole nation.

This, he said, has been preached some 2,000 years ago and the preaching is still going on.

“Pangasinan is a place where there are so many issues affecting our nation. Some are very alarming and very legitimate. But there is another side to that salt. It is the people’s desire for wholeness. We cannot be whole without you. . .”  said Baccay in a talk to newsmen later after the mass.

He added that issues must be confronted even as he warned that salt can be hurting.

“You know what salt is, if you apply salt to a wound, it hurts, but it heals,” he enthused citing its healing property.

He said whether one is on one side or the other in another side of the issue, they still can be together for as long as they have faith, Baccay said.

Baccay said Pangasinan is a beautiful place, adding that the province has a place in history.

“I, as bishop representing the church, together with the Holy Father, must reflect the message of forgiveness”, Baccay explained, reinforcing his claim that salt forgives and heals.

Then he pointed out that Pangasinan has three bishops–Socrates Villegas in the Lingayen-Dagupan Archdiocese, Jacinto Jose in Urdaneta and him in Alaminos.

But he said there is only one governor (Amado Espino III), thus “the three of us bishops must address the governor’s problems in episcopal ways”. (Leonardo Micua)

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