Salaam Police Volunteers

THE announcement from the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office that some 13,887 volunteers have been recruited for the Salaam Police Volunteers is a welcome news.

The objectives for the establishment of the group are noble and augurs well for promoting sense of brotherhood as Filipinos. As explained by PPPO, the creation of the group creates the opportunity for Christians and Muslims in one community to collaborate for the maintenance of peace and harmony in their communities.

Notably, the group is unique to Pangasinan only. But it being the case, and given its objectives and defined tasks, its creation and establishment is also fraught with danger. Without any legal creation, the possibilities of the volunteers exceeding their designated roles are real. Serious misunderstandings due to cultural and religious differences will likely create more animosity among community members.

For this reason, we recommend to the PPPO to carefully and thoroughly study possible ramifications and collaborate with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for its official creation in order to define official parameters for its functions.

But, yes, it’s a darn good idea. (But what is stopping government groups, i.e., Barangay Anti-Drug Advisory Council, traffic enforcers, from inviting Muslim volunteers)?


Solidarity for Bong Go

CHRISTOPHER Lawrence T. “Bong” Go was cleared by a Senate probe on his alleged intervention in the P18-billion Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP) of the Philippine Navy.  Why the investigation had to happen was simply idiocy. On a mere say-so of a mediocre party-list lawmaker insinuating that Go had meddled in the purely Navy concern, the Senate swiftly called for the hearing.

But on hindsight, it also produced positive results for Go.

And, surely, Go was thoroughly overwhelmed by the support of Cabinet members who accompanied him to the Senate vaudeville, including, among others, Executive Secretary Medialdea, Cabinet Secretary Evasco, Labor Secretary Bello III, Budget Secretary Diokno and Justice Secretary Aguirre, Foreign Affairs Secretary Cayetano and Presidential Spokesman. Roque.

So apart from that rare display of solidarity, the Senate probe proved nothing. Nada. Indeed, it’s easy to accuse.  Proving it is the hardest part.

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