13,887 recruited as Salaam Police Volunteers 


TO help promote peace, love and respect among Christians and Muslims in the province’s communities, a unique group of volunteers has been formed in Pangasinan.

Meet the Salaam Police Volunteers (SPV).

Some 13,887 youth and adults from the 1,364 barangays in Pangasinan have been recruited and trained by the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) to become members to help maintain peace and order, report illegal activities and serve as additional force multipliers in their respective barangays.

This was bared by P/Chief Inspector Norman Florentino, chief of the police-community relations, told the KBP Forum on Thursday, that of the number, 800 are Muslims and the rest are Christians recruited from each of the 1,364 barangays in the province.

Only Pangasinan has a Salaam Police Volunteer program.

He said the training of SPV in 17 towns and Alaminos City have been completed while the training of volunteers in 31 towns and cities are still ongoing.

The training of the volunteers are bankrolled by their respective Local Government Units (LGUs), he added.

The purpose of organizing the SPV Police Volunteers, said Florentino, is to show to the nation and the world that Muslims and Christians can co-exist and work together to attain peace and prosperity in their respective villages.

But more importantly, he said the SPV is proof that Muslims who migrated to Pangasinan are peace -loving, honorable and, therefore, need not be discriminated against.

Florentino said the SLV will also serve as an auxiliary team of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) headed by the Barangay Chairman to help fight illegal drugs in the barangays.

And in times of calamities and disasters, the SPV can be expected to organize to help to save lives and properties and can be considered as another force multiplier like the existing Barangay Peace- Action Team (BPAT) and Masa Masid (Mamamayang Away sa Anomalya, Mamamayang Away sa Droga). (Leonardo Micua)

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