Former mayor calls Mayor Rosario’s expose a “drama”


FORMER Binmaley Mayor Lorenzo Cerezo decried the insinuation by incumbent Mayor Simplicio Rosario that he is the mastermind and the political rival behind an attempt on the latter’s life.

In a press conference, Cerezo said the alleged death threat and assassination plot that Rosario announced in a press conference was the latter’s “drama” to gain public sympathy.

“The mayor’s drama wasn’t funny and is downright false and malicious and it amounts to a crime,” Cerezo intoned.

Rosario earlier exposed an assassination plot against him by his political rivals in a press conference and claimed he knew the persons behind it but did not name names.

Cerezo said the allegation is unjust and he is preparing to make Rosario accountable for his serious malicious statements.

Butch Merrera, who presented himself during Cerezo’s press conference, also deplored Rosario’s insinuation that his family had something to do with the assassination plot.

In his own press conference last week, Rosario said he revealed what he has known since Dec. 4 when two suspicious-looking men were caught on the municipal government’s closed circuit television camera.

Rosario said the mastermind reportedly offered P1-million to the hired killers who turned around and revealed the plan to have him liquidated.

Rosario had claimed he has no known enemy and suspects and that the case filed against the former mayor and the municipal treasurer filed by an employee of the local government has something to do with the plot but denied that he was behind the filing of the case.  (Nora Dominguez)

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