Three hurt by firecrackers


LINGAYEN—The Provincial Health Office (PHO) again missed its target of zero firecracker injuries this year when three persons were already reported injured by firecracker explosions in separate areas since Christmas Eve.

A report reaching The PUNCH showed that one of those injured already had one of his hands amputated.

Dr. Anna Ma. Teresa de Guzman, provincial health officer, said two of the victims were hurt by a home-made “Boga”, an implement made from a plastic pipe which is powered by a lighted denatured alcohol or thinner to produce the sound of explosion.

One of the victims, a 21-year old man from Basista was rushed to the Region 1 Medical Center in Dagupan City where his injured hand was amputated.

“Boga” was also the cause of amputation in the hand of a 15-year old from Alaminos City by  doctors of the Western Pangasinan District Hospital where he was rushed on Dec. 26.

Meanwhile, De Guzman reported that a 14-year old boy was rushed to the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital in San Carlos City when he his hands were injured by a five-star firecracker.

De Guzman said that all 14 public hospitals operated by the Pangasinan provincial government are on Code White since eve of Christmas.

Code White means that all health personnel are on standby for emergency situations.

They will be placed on Code Red starting January 31 or eve of New Year, meaning all medical staff will all be on duty and will not be allowed to take their leaves.

She said all hospitals of the province were given enough supply of medicines to treat firecracker victims. (Leonardo Micua)

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