PHO: ‘Black Market,’ source of banned firecrackers

DR. Anna Ma. Teresa de Guzman, provincial health officer, has asked the police to watch out for what she called ” firecracker black market” that sell the banned powerful firecrackers in remote villages away from their prying eyes.

De Guzman made the call as she revealed that most injuries on New Year’s eve could be attributed to powerful firecrackers sourced out from the black market that suddenly surface and proliferate just few hours before and after New Years’ and can be bought at cheaper prices.

She said firecracker injuries can be minimized if not avoided if the firecracker ‘black market’ is stopped soonest.

She noted that some people source their firecrackers from black market because even the banned firecrackers are sold at lower prices and it gives them bragging rights.

A report said that a local manufacturer of firecracker in Barangay Pogo Grande is now under watch by the police on suspicion that it will produce bigger and banned firecrackers and sell these in the black market.

She appealed to the public to stop the habit and tradition of lighting firecrackers to welcome the new year in order to save life and limbs which could be their own. (Leonardo Micua)

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