MBTF: We need more Rizals 

MAYOR Belen T. Fernandez said “education still remains the most potent tool to arm our people” as she stressed the need for more Jose Rizals whose teachings and life inspired the Filipino people for more than a century.

“We need to create more Rizals in or midst. What our city and country need are young people who must embrace the ideals of education and training to bring our country and city to the next level of progress,” the mayor said during the 121st commemoration of martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal at the foot of the monument of the national hero at the Dagupan City Plaza here.

The Rizal Day celebration, attended by Boy and Girl Scouts, school and city officials culminated the month-long Dagupan City fiesta.

Fernandez said there are many books written about Rizal but one that impressed her most are the studies and research about his intelligence that brought about progressive philosophies that shook the nation that was then in slumber.

Hailing the theme of the Rizal day celebration, “Mabuting Kaisipan, Susi Sa Kaunlaran”, “Rizal inspired the vision that Filipinos deserved better treatment from the Spaniards and went on to preach that with proper training and education, Filipinos can improve, to be more than just followers and subjects of a foreign sovereign state,” Fernandez said.

She added, “Our city can be inspired by Rizal’s teachings, and ideals – that education still remains as the most potent tool to arm our people.  Education is the root cause of creativity, imagination and of capacities to create wonders. This is a powerful force that inspires every individual to achieve.

“Dagupan is investing heavily on education, training and livelihood because we believe that the war against helplessness, against poverty or against hunger, the war against diseases and ignorance should be first and foremost be in our homes.”

The mayor stressed the city strongly needs Rizal’s teachings to bring opportunities, education, training on good citizenship on children because the new revolution for progress is a battle that could be won by and among the young people. (CIO)

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