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IN about 5 years, the number of the surviving World War II veterans will practically be decimated. Most will be in their 90s by then.

And, watching the images of the surviving veterans during the observance and celebration of the 73rd Lingayen Gulf Landing and the 11th Pangasinan Veterans Day makes one cry out for more help and attention for them.

Their bodies are frail, their eyes were devoid of any wish for themselves. They were anything but worthy subjects of honor and praise for their gallantry and patriotism.  What were they thinking as VIPs spoke of their heroism in a foreign language they hardly understood? We think we know.

They were wondering if their families would still have enough to care for them in the days ahead. Will they still have enough money for their medicines and vitamins?  The provincial government gifted them with P5,000 cash, including those who could no longer travel to the event, medical check-up and some gift packs. All these would serve them well for at least 2 weeks. Then what happens? Their P5,000 monthly pension as veterans is practically meaningless.

In this regard, we enjoin all our legislators in congress, in the province, towns and cities to rally for our veterans’ upkeep. They can grant and decide whatever additional assistance our local governments can provide the remaining 275 surviving veterans.

Our civic groups can do no less by adopting a veteran or two to care for their health and their needs. They were willing to die to for this generation to survive, surely, a gesture to reciprocate our veterans’ sacrifice would not be asking too much.

Senate seats

THE jockeying for senatorial positions is on 1-1/2 years before the 2019 midyear elections.  Already, Jinggoy Estrada, out on bail while awaiting his plunder trial, said he’d go around the country to thank his followers for believing in him through thick and thin.  It is a veiled mission to reclaim his Senate seat as electioneering isn’t in force yet.  Jinggoy, being Erap’s son, has always enjoyed the massive masa support accorded his father through decades of political activity.  Several incumbents like Cynthia Villar, Sonny Angara, JV Ejercito and Koko Pimentel are also considered shoo-ins as repeat senators. But our very own Pingkoy Duque is also being touted to win as senator if he so decides to run. And why not?  He is the only two-time Health Secretary—from the reign of GMA to presently with President Duterte.  Pingkoy’s impeccably spotless record as a public servant (also a former Civil Service Commissioner) makes him a cinch to win a Senate seat in 2019.

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