Enough bangus supply in cold December assured

THERE’S enough bangus (milkfish) supply in December despite the cold weather.

This assurance came from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 1 director Nestor Domenden who confirmed that cold weather slows down their appetite to eat affecting their metabolism and growth.

Domenden said bangus growers have anticipated the effects of the cold weather so have timed their harvest during the Yuletide season.

“They eat less, they are less active, they don’t grow much,” Domenden said, adding that bangus are like humans who become sluggish and prefer to stay in bed when it is cold.

Domenden said it takes about four months before bangus are harvested.

Contrary to reports, Domenden said bangus supply is most abundant during December to January when demand is at its peak.

Domenden said unlike in the past when December was really cold, today it’s no longer the same.

He added that if it’s three to five Centigrade lower than the normal temperature, which is about 28 to 30, that already affects bangus growth.

“But based on our monitoring, it’s still normal,” he added.

Region 1 supplies 50 to 60 percent of bangus traded in Metro Manila, Domenden said. (Eva Visperas)

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