Bond girl promotes Pangasinan in 12-series video

ALAMINOS CITY—She may not be a Pangasinense but this James Bond girl shows how much she loves the Philippines, particularly Pangasinan, and is out to show to the world the positive news about the country.

Rachel Grant of British-Filipino descent, in a video call interview, she’d like to do more positive stories about the Philippines when she came here for a 12-part series short video film she’s doing with media company Storia.

“There are great news in the Philippines, (but) the general news is not great stories –killings, terrorism, people dying, that’s the kind of stories they do these days,” Grant, born in the Philippines and raised in Nottingham, England, said.

“In fact, positive stories outweigh bad stories so why don’t we hear about those,” she added.

She said this is one of the reasons why she is doing her short video format film in the Philippines.

She said she pitched in the idea to Storia that she’d “love to do a story about the Philippines, about everything that makes you proud as a Filipino” by producing the content and it would sit well while she is on holiday vacation here.

She said Hundred Islands is “the right one for a start because it’s like the Philippines in miniature”.

Grant, who was in the Philippines since October 16 to early November, said she feels safe during her travels in the Philippines. “Yah, I always feel safe. I’m not a bit worried, not really,” Grant said with her usual British accent.

She was all praises for Pangasinan’s world-famous Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, the beautiful beach and virgin caves in Bani, and the pristine beaches of Bolinao and Anda towns.

Grant said she keeps coming back to the Philippines, especially Pangasinan province, because of its the people.  “Filipino hospitality is something that is incomparable,” she said.

She said she “wants to discover and rediscover a lot of undiscovered places” in Pangasinan.

“Hundred Islands is looking like the best I’ve ever been to,” was how she describes the place to her mother.

Her Filipina mother Isabel Padua-Grant is founder of registered charity The Padua Charitable Fund, that helps raise funds for poor communities in the Philippines, one of which is a shelter for typhoon-affected residents in Bani town.

Grant, who enjoys huge following in social media in some of the stories she features in Storia that are shared in Facebook and Instagram, played the role of a Chinese intelligence agent acting as a masseuse sent to gain information from Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan, in “Die Another Day.”

She also played parts in movie “Until Death” with Jean Claude Van Damme, an assassin in “The Tournament” with Robert Carlyle and body double to Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider.” (Eva Visperas)

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