Taiwan trade group eyes aquaculture investment in Sual

THE Taiwan External Trade Development has manifested its intention to invest and partner with the fishery sector in the Philippines after its officials visited Sual town last September 26.

The Taiwanese group met with Sual Mayor Roberto Arcinue and BFAR Region 1 Director Nestor Domenden to discuss the prospect of partnering with local stakeholders in the aquaculture industry.

Patty Yen, executive deputy director of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, said her group, composed of Aquaculture experts and practitioners, is looking for possible partnership and for opportunities for technical exchange on developments in the fishery industry.

Sual Mayor Arcinue and BFAR Director Domenden meet the Taiwanese trade group.

Aside from Sual, the group also visited Puerto Prinsesa Palawan as the other option for its plan in the Philippines.

According to BFAR Region 1 Director Nestor Domenden, the Taiwanese group is looking at Sual as a priority site for its fish farm and aquaculture projects because of

Sual’s big potential in farm fishery particularly for milkfish (bangus).

Mayor Roberto Arcinue had informed the Taiwanese group that 60 tons of bangus are harvested daily in Sual, he said a seafood processing plant or feed mill for the bangus feeds will be a profitable venture.

Arcinue also suggested the development of the municipal seaport into an an international seaport or invest in fishing vessels that the local fisherman can use.

Domenden said, Sual remains as the top producer of bangus and contributes 60% supply of bangus in Metro Manila, and other parts of the region, citing the production from the 750 fish cages in Barangay Baquioen.

Meanwhile, Arcinue told the group that while the local bangus industry provides employment to some 1,500 residents, he said the local government will not allow additional fish cages to prevent fish kill.

During the presentation, the Taiwanese group also recommended the culture of sea cucumber to control the waste and pollution arising from the feeds that the fish are not able to feed on. (Nora Dominguez) 


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