3 Moro traders nabbed for selling fake jewelry

THREE Moro traders were arrested by the Dagupan Police for selling fake jewelries to a poseur-buyer in an entrapment operation on September 12 at the MC Adore building on Galvan Street in Dagupan City.

The suspects were identified as Ibrahim DatuBao, 60, the agent; Alibasher Bao, 24, of Purok 3, Aduas Sentro, Cabanatuan City; and DatuBao Anwar, 40, also of Cabanatuan City.

The arrest of the three was made with the help of Allan Sison, a radio commentator, who acted as poseur-buyer, in coordination with the Dagupan Police.

The operation stemmed from the complaint of Cleofe Valdez, 68, widow of Poblacion East, Santa Ignacia, Tarlac and Gregorio Yambao, of A.B. Fernandez St., in Brgy 1, Dagupan City, both jewelry agents, who were earlier accused of selling a fake diamond ring worth Php 210,000.00 to one of their customers.

The two said the fake items came from their source/agent Ibrahim DatuBao and

sought the assistance of Sison and the police

Yambao and Valdez set up the transaction for Sison with the suspects.

Yambao and Sison then met the suspects who offered a Rolex gold wrist watch worth Php5,000 and diamond ring worth Php150,000.00 to Sison.

Sison and Yambao asked the suspects to accompany them to an appraiser for verification of the items. Soon as the items were confirmed fake, the police officers monitoring the transaction, arrested the suspects. (Leonardo Micua)

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