Red Tide traced to feeds for fish cages

THE continued presence of red tide in western Pangasinan has been attributed to the fish cages teeming along the Caquipotan channel between Bolinao and the island town of Anda.

According to Dr. Westly Rosario, NIFTDC chief, red tide, caused by algal bloom, was initially felt in Bolinao and Anda towns in 2001. Seven years after, it was felt in Wawa, Bani, and after another six years in the city of Alaminos.

Luckily, red tide has not reached the coastal area in Dagupan that produces oyster in its rivers.

The red tide toxin n the areas earlier affected can no longer be removed, he said but its occurrence can be prevented by reducing the number of fish cages to ensure that the toxins are flushed out to the sea with an overload of nutrients coming from feeds being thrown as food to fishes in captivity.

It is the nutrients from the feeds that cause the organism to bloom during hot weather and when the water is much salty, said Rosario, adding that it is the fish farmers of Bolinao and Anda who can best solve their own problem posed by red tide.

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