Sison Auditorium, soon the North’s cultural center?

LINGAYEN–The Sison Auditorium, built in 1927, has been fully renovated and is poised to take on a new role as the center of the province’s performing arts and the cultural hub for Northern Luzon.

The newly renovated Sison Auditorium will be inaugurated on April 5, in time for the celebration of the first Agew na Pangasinan celebration, marking the 430th founding year of the province.

Governor Amado Espino, Jr., who initiated the facelift of buildings in and around the capitol, said the Sison Auditorium will be used to help Pangasinenses learn about and appreciate their history through the revival of local arts and culture.

The old Sison Auditorium was the popular venue for zarzuelas and other cultural performances in pre-war and early post-war period.

The Sison Auditorium was initially known as the “Grand Provincial Auditorium” in the 1930s and later renamed after the late Pangasinan Governor Teofilo Sison, the first Pangasinense to become secretary of National Defense.

Since assuming the gubernatorial post, Espino has been promoting the revival of local arts and culture, beginning with an order to use the Pangasinan language as mode of communication in government offices and during flag-raising ceremonies as well as major events.

The staging of local zarzuela and performance of local songs and dances have also been revived as part of the activities during the annual celebration of Pista’y Dayat festival on May 1st.

The renovated auditorium will be added attraction for tourists visiting the capital.—LM

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