Foul play in death of mother-child eyed

URDANETA – Were mother and child killed before they were allegedly burned inside their nipa hut in barangay Ultama last week?

The angle of foul play is being eyed by Urdaneta City Fire Marshal F/Chief Inspector Ernesto Gandia after the victims were found casually lying side by side on their bed.

The fatalities were identified as Analyn Talbo, 25, and her son Charlie, 2, who suffered fourth degree burns, appeared to have been already dead when the fire broke out.

Gandia said if they were alive before the fire broke out, Analyn could have easily rushed out of the room with her son.

Supt. Paquito Navarete, police chief of Urdaneta, also suspected foul play on seeing photos of the burnt bodies. The police are now questioning Richard Talbo, 27, husband of Analyn, who was out of their house when the fire broke out.

Richard said he did not go home that night because he went to see his cousins in another barangay and spent the night in the city plaza.

When he went home in the morning, he heard the sirens of fire trucks rushing to their house. It was there where he saw his wife and son already charred beyond recognition.

Navarete noted the inconsistencies in the father’s statements to the police. — APE

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