A start in the right direction

Ed Pontaoe
23 July 2008

There’s nothing wrong, I supposed, when schools move drastically to secure their schools from distractions and maintain peace and order.

Well, Ms. Ric, you seemed to forget, that these precautionary measures are already in-place in the school where you teach, that place you loved most, the California coastline where traffic is clogged by turkeys doing their leisurely walk.

This search on the student’s bags for cell phones, I think, is a start in the right direction, and will also, I hope, the school will explore for drugs and weapons of destruction.

Allow me. In this country, the US of A, we have metal detectors in every entrance of every school, and people their eyes peeled watching the things these machines failed to detect.

In your class, Ms. Ric, in this modern world we are stepping into, no cell phones being carried by your students? No ringing, no talking? If so, then I could say unequivocally, it’s discipline among students who police themselves.

Yes, it is a good start until these kids learned from their mistakes. Until then, you can hear in those classrooms a pin drops.

Comparing the school where you teach, Ms. Ric, this school that caught your attention, is a . . . cakewalk.

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