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DILG, COA CALLED THE BLUFF – We waited for Councilor Redford Erfie Mejia to stand up and challenge the DILG legal opinion read by Jose Netu Tamayo in his privilege speech before the city council, being the one of only two opposed to the transfer of city hall to a donated land in Barangay Pantal.

But he just sat there overly silent which was unusual, since he always vocal in opposing every measure proposed by the majority in the city council.

Like everyone watching the session, I wanted him to stand up since he and Vice Mayor Brian Lim strongly accused Mayor Belen of corruption if the city hall is transferred to the 1.2 hectare lot in Pantal donated by the brother of Mayor Belen Fernandez.

Earlier, the Commission on Audit that rendered a similar opinion. Now we have two agencies stating in no unmistakable terms that there is no law that will be violated if the city hall is transferred to a piece of land being donated.

Did his silence mean he has accepted the fact that their charge of Corruption 101 they fed to the public in Dagupan has been found to be baseless and merely a ploy to mislead the public?

Having been told that they had absolutely no basis to accuse the majority and the mayor of corruption, they ought to pull down the streamer “No to Transfer of City Hall. Itigil na ang Korapsyon” in shame because it will remind the city of how they plotted to deceive Dagupeños the whole time.

The two can no longer play on the minds of the people, not even those they pay to assemble and stage a protest rally like they did during the last public consultation by the city council at the city museum.

Their bluff has been called out by COA and DILG.

Meantime, many people as far as Visayas and Mindanao are surprised that while their own officials in their respective local governments are discussing globalization and how to attract more investments from other nations, our city officials in Dagupan are still locking horns over  the parochial issue of city hall transfer.

Indeed, it’s time to move away from parochial politics and on to bigger things for the city. – Leonardo Micua


FAKE IS FAKE – This information officer is likely to become ambassador of fake handshake.

When I see this guy in his boss’ territory, he avoids looking at me in the eye.

Sometimes he would sit next to me but he avoids having conversation with me.

I asked media colleagues if the guy is really like that and I learned that he really avoids newsmen whom he perceives to be not friendly to his boss. Truth is, he delisted from his mailing list (for his office’s press releases) e-mail addresses of “enemy newsmen.” Of course, I realize that includes me.

No more press releases, no more invitations in press conferences. Pero kung may gustong ipalabas ang boss nya na statement involving stories that may possibly land in national newspapers, he sometimes remembers me, in fairness to him. Pero madalang pa sa signal number 4 kung mangyari yun!

Inside his boss’ media core group, I’ve been hearing negative reactions too about him. Some even question his capability to write good news story.

Others who belong to their media core group even criticize him on their block time radio programs in a radio station in Dagupan. Gusto syang i-oust kaso yung nag a- aspire naman na successor ay mas “unpalatable” daw maski sa grupo nila.

Ano yun? Sila- sila, nagbabangayan?

Whenever I hear alleged “bad” stories about him, I would tell myself, all should grow up, set aside politics and be professional in their dealings. After all, as they say, “Weder weder lang yan”

Anyway, while I was walking along Perez Blvd., Dagupan City last Saturday, I saw him and I waved my hand to him to say “Hi”. Tapos na ang pulitika, move on na tayo, I told myself.

He walked towards me after he was done with his transaction in an ATM machine. I extended my hand for a friendly handshake but you know what he said?

With a dog smile, he said, “Ok handshake ako dito sa ‘yo walang makakita!”

I replied, “Ako maski saan pwede akong makipag-handshake sa ‘yo. Mahirap naman plastikan.” Then I left.

Tsk tsk tsk. Now I understand the word imbecile.

Showbiz na showbiz si Mr. Info Officer!

Talaga palang totoo, hindi lang sa basura, kundi maging sa tao. Kailangan mag- segregate. Ibukod ang mga nabubulok at mga plastic!—Eva Visperas

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