Playing with Fire

Mayora, do it now, fast and well!

By Gonzalo Duque


DESPITE a few but loud protests, the proposed new and, wow, modern City Hall edifice is proceeding without legal impediments.

These pressed releases we read in local and national media outlets are simply that, outlets of self serving politics.  The DILG and COA have already cleared the air from polluted noise.

Let’s get out of the political circus now, please, hmm, even the cool-headed political guru, former Mayor Al Fernandez is all for it.

Ponder, reflect, analyze the idea. Wala nang patutunguhan ang debate kung di sa ikauunlad ng ciudad, ng mga Dagupenos!

Mayora, let’s go for it.

You all saw the proposed architectural design in the Punch and other local papers. Stately, modern, one that speaks of our cosmopolitan Dagupenos!

If you allow old, obsolete ideas to hold you down, by gum, we can’t move on, we can’t prosper, we can’t fly! We sink. We die. We have no choice but to move forward.

Councilor Joey Tamayo has opened a hole for the hard-to-please opposition. Thus, if you don’t want the proposed site in Barangay Pantal, what do you propose?

  Wala naman silang option but plain blockage. Mga ananawet ya ulo! Ok, may hard heads on the right track, but the Dagupan variety is plain nuts!

We are now 65, nearing our twilight time, and so, we have no more time to waste on what does not really matter! For many columns now, this column has pushed for a government that works well. Fact is, we’ve been pushing for a smooth sailing system of governance, and in the current debate, we are actually for a handsome government center, not just a new city hall.

*          *          *          *

         The Parojinog murders in Ozamis City are sending a strong message: crime does not pay. And under president Duterte, we should at all times side with and protect the innocent.

        In Dagupan, we hope and pray that Police Chief Frank Ortiz will be able to deliver. Dami pang drug hooked. We don’t have to go into details. Everybody knows what’s happening. And so those expected to enforce the law should not be caught sleeping.

        Diyan sa Bonuan, alam nang lahat ang mga dapat ikulong. We wonder why it’s taking them centuries to do what they ought to do.

          Nakakahiya kung ibulgar at hiyain ni Presidente ang mga salarin.

        Gumalaw na kayo, mga abay, bago kayo batukan at hiyain ni Pangulo. Alam ng lahat sa neighborhood ang mga tiwali at mandurugas!  Galaw na!

*          *          *          *

Congrats, Sanitary Bakery on its 70th anniversary on August 13.  We understand new Knights of Rizal officer, Councilor Jigs Seen hints of an SB coffee shop that will soon open to the public. Good idea, the coffee shop will have unlimited pulutan in the form of bread or tinapay, biscuits, and cakes that have built the bakery through the years. Many bread shops have appeared like Mulawin, etc., but Sanitary Bakery products remain unbeatable.

Have you noticed the mushrooming of breadhouses and coffee shops lately? This is good, at least, nabawasan ang mga beer houses sa ating lugar. In the lingo of drinkers, we say “isa pa nga!” but in coffee shops, we say “another cup.” Toast!

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