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OPPOSITION’S 2019 PLAN DOOMED. The presence of former Dagupan Mayor Al Fernandez at the second State of the City Address (SOCA) of Mayor Belen Fernandez and his endorsement of the transfer of the Dagupan City hall send a strong message that he fully supports the administration of Mayor Belen.

This belies the rumor being peddled by the political opposition in the city that Mayor Al has turned his back on his former student in politics, Mayor Belen, who made good and as the lie continues, he is supposed to be forming a group that would wrest city hall from Belen in 2019.

What a baloney! This is just pure intrigue being sown by very few members of the political opposition to bolster their confidence because they still find Belen unbeatable in 2019 with her UnliSerbisyo reaching the remotest parts of the city 24/7.

The opposition has it all wrong to believe that because Al’s son Alfie had a falling out with Belen, the father will necessarily follow his son and sever ties with Belen. That is not the case with him, an astute politician who knows what’s good for the people and what’s not!

Al is the patriarch to his family and to the whole city, so instead, I suspect the Fernandez-Fernandez tandem, the highly successful pair that ran in 2007, will be resurrected or a resurging Fernandez-Tamayo tandem.

Me thinks Al will play his role as a king maker and would not let his former ward Belen lose the crown she won for Al and the rest of Fernandezes starting in 2013.

Back to Brian. Someone from the crowd asked: “Can Brian as vice mayor present even just one solid accomplishment that benefited the people of the city? “

Could his being the world Jaycee president be one? Duh? Has he sponsored one scholar to college or put up a school building in one depressed community? Pathetic.

Mayor Belen echoed the same question in one of the public consultations when he addressed to dispute Erfe Mejia’s allegation of corruption: “Can you tell me any road in Dagupan constructed by former Mayor Lim”?

Her audience answered in unison: “Nada”

That leaves the opposition with no other option but to field mother (Celia) and son Lim again for another try. Or perhaps Brian has made up his mind to gamble his not so bright political future by pairing with Red Erfe Mejia.

The opposition led by Brian and Red has a short memory if they think Al will support their cause against Belen.

Al would never ever support Brian whom he fought and roundly defeated in 2007.

Then remember the political fight between Al and then come-backing Benjie? Al lost in this fight and will not forget it as long as he lives.

Now with Al manifesting his support for the transfer of city hall as well as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), all speculations about him have become moot.

The political god of Dagupan has already spoken.

We will have a modern city hall that will rise in Pantal soon while the old city hall will be restored to its original state as a museum as city’s heritage for future Dagupeños. – Leonardo Micua


ABSENTEE MR. OFFICIAL.  A year ago, this official was elected into office, from executive to legislative branch of government. But since then, Mr. Official has not gone around in any of the occasions or events he was invited to grace as guest.

Wonder of wonders, I asked one mayor if this news going around is true or false.

The answer was, yes, it’s true. Mr. Official snubs invitations.

“Did you bother to ask your fellow mayors if such is the case too in their town?,” I asked.

Again, the answer was yes, it happens to all of them in Mr. Official’s district.

Why? Is he ashamed of the bad news about him? Or is he in bad health that he has to avoid crowded places? These were my next questions.

The answer was, “We really don’t know what’s with him.”

Of course, I did not stop asking this mayor. So next, I queried him, “Even just once only, have you tried being invited by this top official for a meeting, say, about projects?”

The answer was, “No. Not even once. No meetings at all.”

This means, magpapakita lang si Mr. Official kung eleksyon!

“Neither,” said the mayor.

“Remember, during the campaign, we did not see him too speaking in public. But it was his money that spoke instead to the people,” the mayor said with a naughty smile.

Kawawa naman ang mga tao sa distrito ni Mr. Official.

But wait, should we pity these people? Di ba pera lang ang habol nila?

Malas nung predecessor ni Mr. Official because the ex worked hard for projects but sadly, funds ran out when the successor took over. Mr. Official is simply grabbing the credit now. — Tita Roces

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