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BULLYING CAUGHT ON CAMERA –The issue on the transfer of Dagupan City hall to its new proposed site along the growth area in Pantal-Lucao diversion road is bringing out the worst in one city councilor.

I will not dwell on the pros and cons of the transfer. I will zero in on the misconduct of one supposed honorable gentleman of the Sangguniang Panlungsod aptly tagged now as Councilor Bully.

In one public hearing, he let first television reporters to leave first before he released his angst.  Perhaps, he wouldn’t want them to see his “maginoo pero bastos na ugali”.

He arrogantly approached his fellow councilor who knows, of course, better than him, who is of course, obviously more intelligent and articulate than him, and who evidently is a rational being unlike Councilor Bully. Alam nyo yung parang spoiled brat na nag ta-tantrum kapag di makuha ang gusto? Yung tipong awayin nya maski sino if he does not get what he wants. He was like that.

Yes, he is one bully na kapag hindi na niya makumbinsi ang mga tao sa kanyang argumento ay dadaananin na lang sa pagiging brusko.

Maybe Councilor Bully thought he was fighting for the undercard bout for the forthcoming Pacquaio-Horn fight in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Australia.

Councilor Bully, that will be on July 2 pa . Advanced to be recognized? Alright, you are now being recognized because of your arrogance. Nagpapansin eh di sige pansinin.

Councilor Bully arrogantly walked near Mr. Right Thinking Councilor provoking him to a fight. The crowd went nervous.

Perhaps this guy thinks he is more superior and has better body built than anybody in the council kaya daanin na lang sa suntukan ang gusto.

His bullying was recorded by a reporter on video present in that hearing. Nung wa epek siya sa mga mabababaw na argumento nya, gustong daanin na lang sa suntukan ang debate.

Good thing cooler heads and real gentlemen councilors also present prevailed.

Shame on you, Councilor Bully.

Then he repeated his bullying acts in another hearing.

He said sorry naman daw sa ginawa nya, ayon sa kanyang binully na konsehal.

To err is human, to forgive divine ang peg kaya okay na.

Eh di wow, tama. But Councilor Bully must be “spanked” like a misbehaving child to instill discipline in him.

Siguro, AMBALBALANGA su aping na aray kakanayon to ya ed kagagawa to awa ed kababaingan? – Tita Roces


PROBE ON MISUSED TOBACCO TAX SHARE — Some officials of Ilocos Norte (called Ilocos 6) are still being detained by the House of Representatives for refusing to divulge information to the congressmen’s probing in aid of legislation on the alleged misuse of the share of that province in the tobacco excise tax.

Earlier, they tried to ignore the invitations but when they finally realized they had no choice, their subsequent responses did not impress the congressmen, that was why they were detained and continued to be detained till this day despite an order for their release by the Court of Appeals.

There is a call to expand the congressional probe beyond Ilocos Norte, because there are reports that many other provinces likewise misspent their share from the tobacco excise tax for projects that many of them did not succeed.

For instance, in Pangasinan, there was a report that the shares of towns and districts from tobacco excise tax were also misspent on projects that had become white elephants.

A lot of money was lost in those projects because they were not used.

One of these was the dairy farm in Laoac that vanished in thin air before the election when the congressmen lost their Priority Development Assistance Fund. This project was reportedly funded partly by the tobacco excise tax share of the district.

Then there were two rice processing plants that farmers shunned.

So we asked, why isn’t anyone being made to account for the collapse of the funded projects?

We hope President Rody Duterte will be resolute in jailing all those involved in the anomalous transactions where public fund was lost. – Leonardo Micua

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