G Spot

Vanishing Light

By Virginia J. Pasalo



Are You angry?
I believe so.
You are angry.
With or without reason
You must be
to allow desecration
of sacred spaces
to burn, to smash, to mangle.


We must have displeased You
displeased, yes, displeased
for how else can You explain
the falling?

bombs are falling
all the trees have fallen
mosques and churches have fallen
bodies are falling, in a common pit
for a grave, some abandoned
in the running, baked by the sun
soaked in the rain
buried in the mud
becoming the mud.


the faithful are falling
children are falling
like chicken falling
in factory grinders
turning into something
else, food for the needy
and the greedy
and those who feed
on others.
someone threatens to eat
raw, the liver of another.


Everything is falling
or has fallen down.
And I still look for You
For answers.
Answers I can believe.
So please explain to me
When do I see the rising?
No, not of the sun
as it shines every morning
even for the mourning.


I need to see the rising
of Your light
I need to feel You

Touch me,

Embrace me,
in this very dark corner
where I can no longer see me
where my shadow
is slowly vanishing
with the coming
of the new dawn.

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