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PANGASINAN, A CRADLE OF HEROES – On the occasion of Philippine Independence Day on Monday, we dug up an old article we posted on the Internet a long time ago and which can still be accessed till today.

We wrote that the province of Pangasinan attained its full independence from Spain exactly 40 days after General Emilio Aguinaldo waved the Filipino flag at the veranda of his house in Kawit, Cavite in the morning of June 12, 1898.

We wrote that Pangasinan independence day came on July 22, 1898 after the bloody Battle of Dagupan that culminated with the capitulation of the Spanish defenders who made their last stand at the Dagupan church on Zamora street.

It was only then when the Pangasinenses breathed a fresh air of independence, thanks to our great men led by Don Daniel Maramba, Don Vicente Del Prado and Don Juan Quesada who commanded separate units that launched a coordinated attack targeting Dagupan from all directions. It drove the last remnants of the Spanish Army under General Francisco Ceballos to make a last defense at the Dagupan church.

Maramba, Del Prado and Quesada, who were the three heroes in the Battle of Dagupan, all rose to become governors of Pangasinan, one after the other.

All three fought under the command of General Francisco Makabulos, chief of the central and directive committee of Central and Northern Luzon under the Aguinaldo Army.

All three continued to bear arms even during the Filipino-American War, with Maramba offering his help to General Antonio Luna.

Following the dismantling of the Filipino Army, Del Prado, a native of San Jacinto, waged guerrilla warfare against the  Americans who branded him as brigand.

The late historian Restituto Basa once said that when Del Prado was captured in Sison, he was brought to Dagupan and imprisoned. When the Americans asked for his allegiance to their flag, he spat on it and was quickly hanged at the Dagupan plaza.

Quesada, a native of Dagupan, who succeeded Del Prado as governor of Pangasinan, accompanied General Aguinaldo in his retreat to the north but reportedly contracted malaria and died while on his way back to Pangasinan.

Maramba, a native of Sta. Barbara, became one of the most famous and well-loved governor of Pangasinan. The boulevard connecting the highway to the now provincial capitol was named after him.

We are writing this piece of history to remind the important role played by Dagupan City and its people in shaping the history of Pangasinan and of the entire country, and also to show that Pangasinan is cradle of heroes.  – Leonardo Micua


TIRED BUT HAPPY AND STRETCHED. We flexed our muscles, had fun and became part of the historic Batik Ulupan fun run for the platinum year celebration of Dagupan City early Friday morning.

They say there’s always first in anything we do.

It was my first time to join a fun run, from start to finish, that is.

Most of the time, I only attended the beginning of a fun run when some officials would give their speeches for my news articles, then I would quietly walk away.

But last Friday’s fun run was different. It was a Unity Run and I guess, it achieved its purpose.

About 7,000 people joined, young and old, students and teachers, barangay officials, non-government and government organizations members, some local newsmen, and a lot more.

No politics, no rhetoric, it was pure, real fun run.

Mayor Belen Fernandez gave her shortest talk ever, simply thanking the participants and congratulating them for joining the historic fun run. Historic in the sense that 70 years founding anniversary happens only once-in-a-lifetime to a city or town.

It was a speech of only three sentences. That short. Another first.

Everyone was eager and motivated to finish the run till the end. And surprisingly, they did. I did.

Everyone came with friends, smiling, laughing, joking and dancing to the upbeat music provided by four sound systems installed in strategic areas along the stretch of the beautiful bridge of the new De Venecia Highway extension in Lucao-Pantal area up to the helipad of CSI The City Mall.

After the fun run, everyone went home tired, yet happy with their achievement.

Yes, not only were our physical bodies stretched and exercised, but our spirits were also lifted having gained more friends and renewed ties with old friends.—Tita Roces

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