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The honor of killing the truth

By Virginia J. Pasalo

WE have lost Gina Lopez at the Department of Environment and Natural Resoruces (DENR). Gina Lopez did not convince the Commission on Appointments. Some say Gina Lopez did not answer very well. Whatever her answers were, these did not really matter to the appointing powers, who by the “honorability” of their position, had voted, for the first time, in secret balloting.

Some “Honorables”, exhibiting dishonorable behavior had the gall to say Gina Lopez was not qualified. Alan Cayetano was there, along with Ping Lacson to join in the demolition job, lying through their noses, Pinocchios to the core.

Her answers did not matter. Gina had demonstrated what love and courage is. She knows she had no chance in a country so ill-prepared for change, but she stood there, trying to win the hearts and minds of a population trying to outgrow itself.

Gina Lopez lost the chance to serve in government, but the public, watching the carnage and the ecocide, gained insight into a government pretending to change and the “honorable” people they voted to carry the change through.

General Roy Cimatu, a military man, was appointed by President Duterte in her place, one whose past was linked with the mining companies, adding insult to the injury that the environment badly needs to heal from.


Finding Truth

do not look too close
or too deep into the eyes
to find the truth
in the darkness

there is darkness
in the truth
that becomes visible
only in the deep
of the mire

the eye is not a mirror
or a window
it is a wide-open highway
to an abysmal labyrinth
of dark truths
evolving truths
truths that lead to other truths
truths that lie
truths that tell the truth
truths swimming
in between truths
truths that end,
and never end.

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