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Pacquiao for president in 2022

By Al S. Mendoza


YOU talk about boxing and Manny Pacquiao is there.

You talk about the Senate and Manny Pacquiao is there.

You talk about the Philippine Basketball Association and Manny Pacquiao is there.

Is there any other topic that doesn’t include Manny Pacquiao?

Even in religion, he is there.

“Jesus Christ was sentenced to die,” Pacquiao, a born-again convert, has said in defending his vote for the restoration of the death penalty.

Pacquiao is 38.  At that age, most boxers are retired.

Not Pacquiao, though.

Egged on by his coterie of expert ego-masseuses, Pacquiao believes he can still hack it.

He says he is willing to fight anyone in his WBO welterweight class, which he currently rules.

However, Mike Koncz has twice bungled two fights he was himself trying to sell.

Koncz, Pacquiao’s adviser for the longest time from Canada, had first dangled Jeff Horn, a totally unknown Aussie, to be the Pacman’s foe on April 23.

Horn is a former schoolteacher, said Koncz, with a 16-0 record.

Who were Horn’s hapless victims, Koncz didn’t say.

The Pacquiao-Horn fight would soon fall apart—but, of course!

While suckers abound in boxing, fight promoters always know a hoax when they see one.

Trying to bounce back from his boo-boo, Koncz would come up with a Pacquiao-Khan bout.

It’d be held on May 20 in Dubai.

From the botched $5-million Pacquiao purse in Australia, Koncz said Pacquiao would stash away $38 million from the Khan caper.

Again, Koncz goofed.

Quickly as a consequence, Koncz saw himself being banished to the doghouse.

Bob Arum has retaken his old role in looking for Pacquiao’s next foe.  Unsuccessful as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao took the spotlight in the Senate confirmation hearing on Gina Lopez’s appointment as environment secretary.

As committee chair, Pacquiao kept making a fool of himself. But did anyone care?

The Senate is a known circus and Pacquiao is but only a fitting addition to the chamber’s bunch of clowns.

Just Friday last, the PBA Commissioner’s Cup blasted off and isn’t Pacquiao the playing-coach of Mahindra?

While Pacquiao has a virtual doctorate in boxing, he is literally a sorry sight each time he either calls the shots from the bench or enters the court playing like a lost kitten tossed into a pack of wolves.

OK, have we not forgotten a most critical topic where Pacquiao is also very much into it?

What else, but the 2022 presidential election.

Don’t look now but Pacquiao is dead set on gunning for the presidency five years from now.

When the time has come, remember, you read it here first.

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