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IS PNP UP TO THE CHALLENGE? – The fight against illegal gambling has began. Hooray! Finally! It’s long overdue.

Many have been waiting for it.

I remember when then Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz was hated by some politicians but definitely respected and loved by his flock (including non-Catholics) for his integrity , when he launched his no-nonsense anti-jueteng campaign, not only in his archdiocese but in the entire country as well.  Sadly, that didn’t get the support of the national government.
The Duterte administration says illegal gambling must stop. But, will this new fight be as intense as the anti-narcotics war?

This early, many are raising their eyebrows.  Reason? Puro pipitsugin ang ino-operate — saklaan, drop ball, mahjong, cara y cruz, etc.

But jueteng? Oh, I’ve yet to see policemen operating on jueteng or jai-alai or jai-teng dens in Pangasinan. We all know what these are and what these. The police know this, too.

Now comes the challenge — Kaya ng mga pulis na patigilin ang jueteng and other illegal gambling in the country? Naku, tumataas ang kanilang kilay o!

But who knows with the change brought by the Duterte administration, baka mangyari ito.

Wish ko lang.Tita Roces

BRAND NEW TONDALIGAN – The Tondalihan Park is for the people of Dagupan and not just for a few.

This was posted by Mayor Belen Fernandez in her Facebook page justifying why she ordered the demolition of over 260 cottages, beach sheds and other eyesores that proliferated in Dagupan’s biggest park over the years. (We heard that a pigpen was also among those removed from Tondaligan by a demolition team from the city engineer’s office).

I must say that seeing Tondaligan today makes a Dagupeño prouder than ever of the park.

In the past, Tondaligan looked more alike a market place than a park, what with all the unregulated sheds and their extended canopies that sprouted all over the place.

We were in Tondaligan one afternoon where Albert Gregorio, who is now in charge of the place, showed to us a cleaner Tondaligan where one can easily walk to the beach water or have an unobstructed view of the sea. The papags (bamboo beds) are still there available for visitors’s use.

For his efforts, however, Gregorio admitted he already received death threats obviously from those affected by the demolition. There were also attempts at vandalizing government properties in the area.

You see, the illegal sheds were removed not only because Mayor Belen wants to rehabilitate the park but also because those who made a living at Tondaligan violated health and sanitation ordinances as well as avoided paying taxes and fees for permits. – Leonardo Micua

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