General Admission

This early, Gonz going great guns at SSS Board

By Al S. Mendoza


AGAIN, the question:  What is the government’s main duty?

Of course, the answer is the same: To serve the people.

That has been the case since time immemorial.

Or, since civilization was discovered.

And, add to that, the government must endeavor making the people happy.  Always.

No ifs and buts, please?

The people’s interest should be paramount to government at all times.

If a government cannot do that, it has no business operating, no point keeping its very existence.

Jerks masquerading as leaders must be shot dead at the Luneta.

Take the case of the SSS (Social Security System).

The law has mandated it to collect some money from people employed in private corporations.

If one doesn’t want to get employed, fine.  No SSS membership.

But if one wants SSS membership on a personal capacity, fine by any reckoning.

The money entrusted to the SSS monthly is like a deposit in a bank.

Upon retirement, upon completing one’s contributions to the SSS, the SSS member gets back the money through a monthly pension.

Fair enough.

A perfect teamwork: Government still making the people happy even in the sunset of their lives.

Always, any additional money to anyone is a boon, an enormous aid to keep both ends meet.

Thus, the recent move to increase P1,000 to the monthly pension of retiring SSS members is proof once more of a government’s love for the people.

It is a politically correct move both by the SSS in particular and the present dispensation in general.

There is nothing like making the governed feel they are well-loved by their leaders.

That wasn’t felt that much under the past regime, when it so quickly torpedoed a proposed P2,000 as addition to the monthly pension of retirees.

It harped the false, totally indifferent line of transforming bankrupt the government if an increased pension is approved.  Bull.

With the Duterte presidency—not even one year old—immediately allowing for a P1,000 addition to our retiree’s monthly take, did it not, in effect, say the last regime was lying?

As one saying goes, “You cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

Sadly, the last Palace occupant kept fooling us—unsuccessfully, thank God.

By election time, he got roundly rebuffed when his bet got bamboozled by a mere mayor from Mindanao.

And with Gonz Duque, the heroic and perennially principled guy directly above me, seated at the SSS Board—thank you, Mr. Duterte—you can be sure that more good things are to come to the eternal joy of our people.

Isn’t that what good government is all about?

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