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The necessity of the unnecessary

By Virginia J. Pasalo


Valentine’s Day Conversation

“Thank you, is this a prayer? I did not understand it.”

“Yes it’s a recitation of Quran. My friend did it. Did it appeal to u? He has a nice voice. I wanted to say good morning and to offer you that gift.”

“Does the song say Good Morning?”

“No, it talks about the ultimate ability of the Lord Creator. But I thought it would appeal to you because the voice is charming.”

“Sometimes we listen to voices without understanding and still like it.”

“Absolutely. It happens to me quite often.”

“Are you at work or in the mosque? So, how soon will you become an Imam?”

Post-Valentine Conversation

“Strange but i felt happy receiving that unexpected Koran audio which I mistook for a song

on Valentine’s Day.”

“Haha, imagine that, someone is thinking of you religiously, like the song of Enrique Iglesias.”

“Religiously! Hah!”

“It is special, for it is sacred.”

“I have forgotten his name, but strange that I remember an old  familiar feeling.”

“Memory has a way of saving.”

“Now i remember his family name, and as I struggle to remember his name, an Arabic name flashes on my mind, but not his name. His FB name is in Arabic, I can’t even locate him for I have many Arab friends whose names are written in Arabic and they all look the same. I have to find him, maybe my memory blocked him, or deleted him, or my memory is full.”

“Nothing is blocked in the mind, it is just put away. The mind discards only the unnecessary.”

“Maybe he is unnecessary. But his gesture made me happy.”

“Then he is not unnecessary.”

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