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Pacquiao still saleable as ever

By Al S. Mendoza


BOB Arum has a new tune for Manny Pacquiao.

“Manny is still good up to 2018,” said Arum, Pacquiao’s American promoter the last 10 years or so.

The astute businessman that he has always been, Arum is setting the tone for an extended Pacquiao stay in boxing.

And Pacquiao is already 38.

And Pacquiao has yet to defeat the undefeated Jeff Horn (16 wins, 11 by KO) on April 23, in possibly Brisbane, Australia.

And that fight will determine if Pacquiao is fit to fight Terence Crawford, also unbeaten in 21 fights, in either November or December.

And both fights with Horn and Crawford will likewise determine if Pacquiao is ready for Pacquiao-Mayweather 2 in 2018.

And Mayweather has yet to say he will un-retire, yet again, to fight Pacquiao.

Hasn’t Mayweather consistently said he will not fight again?

But knowing Mayweather, he can change his mind as fast as Digong loses his temper on thugs dealing in illegal drugs.

If there’s one boxing bastard whose middle name is money, only Mayweather fits the bill.

Thus, with the right offer, Mayweather will fight Pacquiao again.

He will even use the most saleable spin for the rematch:  He’ll make Pacquiao his 50th straight victim to break Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record.

However, time could be running out.

Not just on Mayweather but on Pacquiao as well.

Mayweather is pushing 40.

If he finally fights Pacquiao again, in 2018, he’d be 41 by then, and Pacquiao 39.

What would we have here, a fight between senior citizens?

Over the hill?

A pair of washouts?

Will the fans still buy that?

Most likely, yes.

For one, Arum is a master matchmaker nonpareil and his 50-plus years in the business will attest to that.

For another, boxing has always been the sanctuary of suckers in all of sports.

Even if the fans are aware that a farce of a fight—such as the Pacquiao-Algierie hoax in 2014—is being dangled, still, they’d come.  In droves yet.

So, don’t be surprised if the Pacquiao-Horn fight on April 23 will still draw the fans in.

Don’t laugh now but I believe that will sell.

Australia hasn’t seen Pacquiao fight in the flesh.

Our national treasure’s power punches might be on the wane but, hey, let’s admit it, he’s still as popular as Paul McCartney.

Always, living legends have that aura and charisma so difficult to put to rest.

Besides, if you have guys like Arum on top of the show, the Pacquiao-Horn fight might yet turn out to be another blockbuster.

At times, a patsy like Horn is a perfect prop for a legend about to call it a day.

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