Dagupan groundbreaks Waste 2 Worth facility


A Waste2Worth Facility, that can convert plastic wastes into diesel fuel and food wastes into methane gas for cooking, lighting, among others, will soon be established at Sitio Bliss in Bonuan Binloc following a groundbreaking ceremony of the project on June 18.

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, Sure Global Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jill Boughton, staff of Procter and Gamble Philippines, Punong Barangays Noel Bumanglag of Bonuan Gueset, Joseph Maramba of Bonuan Boquig, and Joshua Gonzales of Bonuan Binloc led the ceremony signaling the start of the construction of the facility.

Also present were 2018 Manlingkor Ya Kalangweran officials headed by Young City Mayor Jalen Kody Fernandez and Department of Education officials.

The $11M-worth Waste2Worth facility, to be built by Sure Global at no cost to the city, will finally provide solution to the 50-year waste problem of the city. This will be the third waste to energy facility in the country.

In her message, Mayor Fernandez said the facility “will end half a century of monstrous wastes that no leadership or administration have achieved to solve since we became a city in 1947.”

“The Waste2Worth project shall be a legacy we shall be leaving our children and for the future generations to come,” added Fernandez.

Fernandez also urged all stakeholders to continue working together in handling the waste problem in the city.

“It is my duty to caution everyone that building this project alone will not solve the problem. We need to prepare for the bigger challenges that lie ahead. We shall need everyone working together. We need to work on education, advocacy, technical research and policy undertakings that would enhance the capability of this facility when it begins operation,” said Fernandez.

Meanwhile, SURE Global W2W Chief Executive Officer Jill Boughton disclosed that the facility will have three major unit operations which will be for material recovery and for converting food and plastic wastes into diesel and natural gas.

Aside from the converted diesel fuel to be sold at a cheaper rate, there is a plan to retrofit some 300 tricycles so that they can run on natural gas produced by the facility.

“It’s safer than what they have right now, and cheaper, so it’s a win for them.” said Boughton.

When asked why Dagupan was chosen for the project, Boughton credited it to Mayor Fernandez’s persistence.

“Dagupan chose us just as much as we chose them, and your mayor was unbelievably persistent. She saw a vision, I have to admit that I didn’t even have at the time, that we can do something for Dagupan. And after I saw your trash dump, I realized we have to do something for the city. Since then, it has become my favorite project. If we can do it in Dagupan, we can do it anywhere. This is probably the most replicable one we have been working right now in the country,” Boughton said.  (Verdelle De Vera/CIO)

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