The young and old in journalism practice

LAST week, two important events that impact on the practice of journalism were held. One was the senate hearing on Fake News in Metro Manila, the other, the 3rd Children’s Summit on Journalism in Dagupan City.

Both sought to promote the value of truth in the practice of journalism, professionalism and relevance. Noting the results of both, we wish the topics and attendance were switched so the country would have learned and benefitted from the discussions from different perspectives.

The teens, who are techie savvy, particularly, on the use of social media, could have learned and taught proper guidance from the senate hearing how truth can be best be communicated to educate their peers using the social media, and how they can detect and fight fake news.

Meanwhile, the oldies at the senate hearing who could only shake their heads in frustration not knowing how to combat fake news, could have a had a more productive output if the discussion focused on what type of news and information can help improve welfare of Filipinos. If they had attended the summit in Dagupan, they would have learned that feature stories on welfare of children, science, health and economy using conversational language easy enough for the common man on the street to understand, can effect real changes in our country.

Our people are tired of watching, hearing and reading news of political combats, unserved and delayed justice, self-serving notes on progress by elected leaders –  and fake news.

The young and the old certainly have a lot to learn about and from each other.

Duterte walks the talk

YOU may not have noticed it but only last month, it was announced that the salaries and pension benefits of police, soldiers and security forces have been increased.  Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno did the disclosure during his speech as guest of honor of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association at Solaire Resort in Paranaque City.  Diokno said that effective January 2018, our police and soldiers will start receiving doubled compensation package in fulfillment of President Duterte’s campaign promise in the 2016 elections.

In 2019, the pension of retired officers and men of security forces will be jacked up.  In ordering Diokno to immediately implement the salary and pension upgrading, Mr. Duterte radically rebuked past administrations’ disgusting habit of promising a better life for all if elected—and next doing nothing after arriving in Malacañang.

Indeed, the President walks the talk.

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