Quarantine checkpoints contra-bird flu continue

LINGAYEN–Though the bird flu that hit Pampanga and Nueva Ecija has already been effectively checked, quarantine checkpoints in every entry and exit points of Pangasinan are still on.

Provincial Veterinarian Eric Perez said checkpoints are still up in Carmen and Bakit-bakit, Rosales; Umingan, Bayambang, Mangatarem, Infanta, San Fabian and Sison town as a precautionary measure owing to the proximity of the province to Nueva Ecija.

The bird flu outbreak was reported in San Luis, Pampanga; and San Isidro and Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

He said quarantine checkpoints were immediately set up as soon as Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol announced in Lingayen in a speech during a Luzon mango stakeholders’ forum and had not been lifted ever since.

Perez said had this not been done, bird flu would have spread to the province.

Meanwhile, he said the reported deaths of three ducks in a farm in Manaoag were not caused by bird flu but stress suffered by the fowls.

Perez revealed that with the bird flu scare gone, the demand for chicken meat had returned to normal levels.

At the same time, he said there is enough supply of chicken and eggs in Pangasinan on Christmas.

(Leonardo Micua)

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