Only 48 barangays, 40 towns, cities to go – PPPO


BAYAMBANG — With only 48 barangays of 1,267 drug-affected villages still waiting to be cleared, the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) said it is confident it can accomplish its objective to declare Pangasinan drug free by December.

P/Chief Inspector Norman Florentino, head of the police community relations, said the status of the war on drugs in the province was discussed during a district meeting of the Police Advisory Council (PAC) held Wednesday at the Bayambang Events Center.

League of Municipalities of the Philippines, Pangasinan (LMP) President Silverio Alarcio Jr, Mayor of Laoac, presided the meeting.

To date, six towns and one city have already been officially declared as cleared by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Cleared were the towns of Laoac, Agno, Dasol. Mapandan, San Nicolas and Natividad and Alaminos City.

The town of Sto. Tomas was declared by PDEA as drug unaffected.

He said the remaining 48 barangays are in the 40 towns and three cities still considered drug-affected.

The scorecard in Pangasinan stands at-

  • 35 towns have been cleared in the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office level (7 have been officially declared by PDEA as drug free, 28 waiting for validation)
  • 48 Barangays remain to be cleared.
  • 20,320 self–confessed drug personalities that surrendered (1,403 were pushers and 18,917 are users);
  • 94 high value targets; 20, 226 street level targets and 191 under rehabilitation, are in custody.

Florentino earlier said a barangay cannot be considered cleared if whereabouts and status of all its known drug personalities cannot be accounted for.

PPPO reported it has recommended 28 more towns for validation by PDEA.

The towns of Calasiao and Malasiqui are expected to be declared drug-free by PDEA this week. (Leonardo Micua/Nora Dominguez)

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