Forgotten and ignored by CBCP

“WE invite you to offer prayers particularly for those killed in the government’s campaign against drugs, as well as for all victims of violence and the war in Marawi, in our country for a 40-day period, starting September 23 and ending on November 1,”  the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines wrote.

The alleged victims of EJK in the war on drugs are certainly a lucky bunch. The Church is reminding all to pray for them in the next 40 days.

Curiously, the bishops’ noble intentions left out any intention for the millions of victims (and their suffering families) destroyed by drug syndicates.

There was even no mention of appeal for prayers for the drug users seeking to be rehabilitated.

Why the selective mindset?

Are the surviving millions of faceless and nameless families who were and continue to be broken by drug syndicates, their drug pushers and protectors, not worthy of prayers from the bishops?

The Church bells were never pealed for them, apparently not today, not tomorrow.

The Lingayen-Dagupan archdiocese even outdid itself beyond a simple advocacy for   the alleged violated rights of dead notorious drug dealers by posting pictures of dead bodies of alleged victims on the St. John Cathedral’s perimeter fence.

Again, we note that the archdiocese did nothing to point to the plight of millions of families destroyed by the drug syndicates.


Aegis Juris dies, too

 THEY just buried the remains of hazing victim Horacio “Atio” Castillo III.  Castillo was a law freshman at the University of Sto. Tomas. His wish was to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. An only son, Atio also told his parents he’d be a senator some day.

But Atio’s own fraternity brothers intervened, killing him in an apparent hazing binge during initiation rites preparatory to his full membership at the Aegis Juris fraternity. What a shame. The tragedy is proof once more that hazing still exists in our schools, and Atio became the latest fatality to this barbaric act.  Congress must start acting fast in finally banning hazing altogether before another Atio case happens.

As to Aegis Juris, it need not be banned by UST.  It just joined Atio in Atio’s final resting place at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque.  For, who would want to join a fraternity that kills its own?

Who is praying for the protection of vulnerable families being targeted by drug syndicates.

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