SM Rosales treats more than 200 PWDs to free movie

ROSALES—More than 200 persons with disability (PWDs) watched free movie on Sept. 5 titled “Oz The Great and Powerful” courtesy of SM City Rosales.

Drake Lim, assistant mall manager, said while the movie has been previously shown, what they showed had two added features, audio description and closed captioning,

that enabled the blind and the deaf to fully enjoy the movie.

Audio description is a special narration of key visual elements of a film that the blind viewers would ordinarily miss like actions, gestures, costumes, facial expressions, scene changes and onscreen text.

The narrated descriptions are inserted into pauses in between screen dialogues to the story but without disturbing the original flow of the film.

The feature enables the visually-impaired moviegoer to follow the development of the film story without guessing or without asking somebody else what’s going on, Lim said.

Closed captioning for the deaf, on the other hand, transcribes the audio portion of the program so that the deaf audience can read the printed words on the screen.

The captions also identify the speakers in the movie, describe in words the sound effects, and indicate music and laughter for the non-hearing audiences.

Lim pointed out that audio descriptions also benefits sighted persons for the concise translation of the visual elements while persons with autism and learning difficulties as well as English students likewise benefit from its value in literacy and vocabulary development.

Similarly, captions can also reinforce language development and reading skills for both the hearing and the deaf audiences, he added.

Lim said it is a breakthrough in enhancing social participation and independence of the visually-impaired and other PWDs.

The special film screening was made possible by SM Cares, in partnership with Deaf Blind Support Philippines Inc. CALL Foundation of the Blind, Movies and Television Review and Classification Board and SM Cinema. (Eva Visperas)

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