Mental dishonesty

THE long and tedious process of coming to a decision taken by the Fernandez administration to transfer the location of the Dagupan City Hall to a donated lot in Barangay Pantal is finally over.

Hence, it cannot be said that the process was fast-tracked, short-circuited and rushed. Any and all possible negative impacts were discussed, including the perceived monetary gains that the family of Mayor Belen Fernandez would enjoy from the proposed transfer and, therefore, a violation of the AntiGraft and Corrupt Practices Act (Republic Act No. 3019).  We conceded all these were fair game in politics.

But what jarred most minds was the hypocrisy with which Vice Mayor Brian Lim and Minority Leader Redford Erfe-Mejia pursued their objections. Bereft of any evidence, the two resorted to character assassination, alleging bribes for the passage of the two ordinances. Just because they were part of the cabal that gained from deals inimical to the interests of the city during the Benjamin Lim administration, they want people to believe that the same policy is being pursued by incumbent administration.

The most insulting to the people of Dagupan was the temerity of the two to lecture the city on corruption. What gall.

In our book, we call it “Mental dishonesty.”


Trillanes trial up

 AFTER signing waivers to his alleged 12 bank accounts, Sen. Trillanes challenged Mr. Duterte to do the same, totally forgetting that the President had already done that before the May 2016 election.  Next, Trillanes said he plans to sue for libel Mocha Uson, Erwin Tulfo and an unnamed graduate of the Philippine Military Academy for “spreading fake news” about his alleged hidden wealth deposited in banks in Hong Kong, Australia and the U.S.  Meanwhile, as Trillanes pursues his smear campaign against the President without let-up, the Senate Ethics Committee headed by Sen. Sotto has found sufficient ground to Sen. Gordon’s charge that Trillanes has committed an unethical conduct when he called Gordon’s committee as “the Committee de Absuwelto (Committee of Exoneration)” during a Senate probe on Customs smuggling.  If found guilty, Trillanes could either be suspended or expelled

That will be the day.

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