Church bells in Lingayen – Dagupan Archdiocese peal 8 P.M. nightly

CHURCH bells in the Lingayen-Dagupan Archdiocese started to peal for 15 minutes at 8:00 p.m. (Church Bell of Conscience) since Aug. 22 and will continue until November 27.

According to Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the “sound of church bell is the voice of God that would awaken the numb and blind conscience. You shall not kill! That is a sin! That is what the bell is saying onward following a new series of killings in President Duterte’s drug war that included at least 81 people in the bloodbath last week.”

Villegas said the ringing of church bell for 15 minutes is a prayer offered for those who were killed. “May they receive the peace they didn’t get when they were still alive,” he added.

He said it’s a call to wake up this nation “that no longer condoles with the bereaved, who have forgotten to sympathize and are coward to be angry at evil,” and to “stop consenting to the killing.”

He urged the people to bring back being human, bring back the dignity of the Filipino as he pointed to more and children are orphaned from parents.

“The thoughts of those alive are full of sadness and fear “I might be next? Who is certain?” he said.

He said the slain victims accused of fighting them could no longer explain and wondered how life would be better if there are 32 people killed daily in reference to a statement made by President Duterte.

He noted that only few people now sympathize with the bereaved.

He again asked, “Don’t we know anymore how to cry? Are we not afraid anymore of the sound of a gun and the blood that flows in sidewalk?”

He also wondered why no one is angry at drugs that enter the country from China.

He again said that “the nation is in chaos, there is something wrong that is happening, there’s something to be corrected, there’s something the country must repent on.”

“Let us ask forgiveness from the Lord,” he said. (Eva Visperas)

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