Tall banana plant with thousand fruits amazes folks

SAN FABIAN—To see is to believe.

A banana plant normally bears several clusters of the fruit but there is one particular banana plant in Barangay Longos Central this town bears only one cluster but bunched with a hundred to a thousand fingers of bananas.

Its presence in Fe Calulut’s farm in San Fabian continues to amaze visitors and netizens who’ve seen pictures of it.

Calulut, 53, a volunteer barangay health worker in Barangay Tapuac in Dagupan City, said she bought the small parcel of land in this town that had three banana plants of the same variety, among others. (She said the two other plants fell and died because of the weight of the bunch of thousand fruits clinging to the plant).

“I was amazed because after several months, I saw the flowers transform into many, many banana fruits. It was my first time to see such,” Calulut said.

Musaceae, the plant’s scientific name, whose common name is Thousand Fingers Banana, is an uncommon variety in the country.

She said she has been counting the number of fruits in one banana plant that runs up to a thousand.

“I can hardly believe it. The fruit tastes like lakatan, a variety of banana,” she said.

Calulut’s Thousand Fingers stands about 10 feet tall.

Calulut accompanied this reporter to her farm here to show me the unique banana plant that awed many that have seen it.

She said it was her neighbor, Danny Tan, who posted a photo of himself beside the tall banana plant and wrote “To see is to believe” on his Facebook account. That post has since caught the attention of many.

Many have since manifested interests to buy the plant after seeing Tan’s Facebook post, Calulut said.

When she celebrated her birthday in May, her neighbors in Tapuac, including their barangay captain, joined her to see the amazing banana plant for themselves and also had their photos taken with it.

Stokes Tropical website describes Musa sp ‘Thousand Fingers’ as a sturdy plant that produces a large number of one and a half inch long sweet fruits.

“The banana bunch can be up to 10 feet long and consists of hundreds of fruits. This is not just a specimen for collectors, but a good producer of fruit as well. It is a great conversation piece,” it added.  (Eva Visperas)

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