Meet Tayug’s 3-year old “Wonder Boy”

TAYUG—At age one year and five months, this wonder boy could already read and say the letters of the alphabet.

At age two, he could identify all the flags of the world, from A to Z.

Meet Julion Benjamin Dizon of Barangay Gomez this town, who turned three on July 4. His Facebook account (opened by his mother Flordemelody Dizon) already chalked more than one million views and thousands of ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘wow’, accompanied by positive comments, and ‘shares’ after he was featured by a local television network last month.

The boy’s mom is a teacher in Barangobong Elementary School while his father, Police Officer 2 Esteban Dizon Jr is a member of the elite Special Action Force in Negros Occidental.

Flordemelody said she taught him to read and say the alphabet and she was amazed by his quick learning faculties. During the interview, Julion demonstrated he could read complex sentences, a feat that continues to amaze his teacher, classmates, relatives and friends.

“I taught him to remember initially some 20 flags only, the ones I thought were easy to remember like Philippines, Japan, etc., so I was overwhelmed when one day he showed me that he already knew all the flags and could also identify them in the globe,” she said.

In one instance, while riding a passenger jeepney, Flordemelody asked his son if he could identify the flag that was printed on a bag of passenger.

Julion quickly answered, “Kuwait.” Another passenger who heard the boy was so impressed that he offered to give Julion a free tarpaulin on his birthday. But Flordemelody was not certain so soon as they got home, she checked the chart on flags and Julion was correct!

“I, myself, did know about it. I was not familiar with Kuwait’s flag,” she said laughing.

On his own, she said her son loves to watch educational shows on You Tube and would not sleep unless he reads a book.

She recalled that when a reporter who came to interview him, tested him further and wrote “My mama is beautiful” to see if he could indeed read, he did so and laughed.  “He laughed because he does not believe I am beautiful,” said the amused mother.

Julion is now enrolled in a Day Care Center in Poblacion and his teacher has observed that unlike other kids who are constantly playful, he appears always pensive, thinking about something. And even when he appeared inattentive during a discussion, he always knew the answer when tested.

He can even read number words like “one hundred thirty” and is already knowledgeable about basic addition, when the teacher has only taught the children basic words in English.

To probe her son’s extraordinary talent, the parents are presently looking for an IQ testing center that could help validate his advanced level of knowledge.

Julion is the only child and could be bratty and how is pacified? They make him watch educational shows on You Tube.  (Tita Roces)

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