We are now 61 years old!

WHO would have thought your SUNDAY PUNCH could make it to 61 full years of continuous publication and service to the people of Pangasinan, not after our founding editor-publisher, the late Ermin E. Garcia, Sr., was murdered in our editorial office in just 10 years of publishing.

Certainly not us, especially not without the loyal support of our readers and advertisers. Their valuable endorsements and patronage have made it possible for us to prove the doomsayers wrong, they who said the age of printed word is over.

It is also to the credit of our news subjects that they kept faith in our commitment to be truthful and factual to the best that we can as stories evolve, that your SUNDAY PUNCH can be trusted even with the most sensitive information in order that the interests and information needs of the people of Pangasinan can be served best with each issue

Finally, I doff my hat to our past and present crop of editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, and administrative staff for their dedication to the legacy left by our late founder that indeed, quoting Socrates, “No Man is to be Reverenced for than the Truth.”

Thank you Pangasinan for making your SUNDAY PUNCH still the second oldest and longest surviving community newspaper in the country today.  It started out in 1956, it’s now 2017! – Publisher


Irresponsible Trillanes

THE irresponsible Sen. Trillanes has absolutely crossed the line this time when he described his fellow senators as “cowards” and “puppets” of the Duterte administration.

Sen. JV Ejercito said, “Trillanes has insulted his colleagues numerous times already just because he is rabidly against President Duterte.  Senators resolve differences through debates rather than hurling insults.  Name-calling is disrespectful and un-parliamentary.”  He said an ethics complaint against Trillanes would be justified.

And Sen. Tito Sotto told Trillanes off:  “…If you say we are puppets, it means Malacanang was dictating on what we must do.  Malacanang has no hand in [Senate] resolutions and no one is dictating on us.  The only honorable way out for Trillanes is to apologize.”

Indeed, Trillanes must apologize.

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