Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead

AS someone correctly wondered during the public consultation on the proposed ordinance authorizing the transfer of the Dagupan City Hall to the donated land in Barangay Pantal, why are consultations still being done when a majority in the council can already act with dispatch?

Indeed, there is no need for the exercise to continue.

While the objective of the sanggunian committee on laws, ordinances and judiciary and on land utilization seeking to be fully transparent is commendable, doing the consultations only became a source of divisiveness in the community and more of needless petty political discourse and grandstanding.

No government action will ever attain 100 percent support which is why we have laws that already clearly define accountabilities of public officials and established legal procedures to accomplish government projects.

If the city government feels the legal process has been fully complied with, then the next thing to do is to demonstrate and exercise political will to implement an ordinance or project intended to benefit the community.

Those opposed are free to seek accountability in proper courts, not in never-ending consultations and public hearings. This way, the principle of accountability in good governance is served best.

Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead with the ordinance.



Purely Chinese affair

SO what if the Chinese billionaire, who donated a building to the country for drug-dependent rehabilitation, is under investigation for bribery?  Wang Rulan tossed in P1 billion to construct an edifice in Nueva Ecija that can house 10,000 Filipino addicts wishing to be rehabbed. Wang, China’s 49th richest today, was recently reported by the influential Financial Times as being probed by Chinese authorities for alleged payoffs to China’s inner sanctorum.

When pressed for comment, a Malacanang spokesperson said Wang’s case is “purely an internal” affair in China.  In short, the Philippines has nothing to do with Wang’s predicament as that is purely a Chinese point of interest.  The building Wang wanted built, which is now in full operation, must also not be dragged into the case.  It’s a completely different banana, altogether.

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