Price hike of retail rice feared


THE National Food Authority in Western Pangasinan is closely monitoring retail price of rice in the market in the face of limited supply of NFA rice which is estimated to last for three days only.

NFA Western Pangasinan Assistant Manager Julieta Orias said NFA is hoping that the private traders will not exploit the temporary situation and sell much higher that NGA’s P27 price level after NFA’S 56,000 bags are finally consumed.

She said while government rice is good only for 3 days, there are almost two million sacks of household rice that is expected to last in the next one hundred days.

Orias revealed that her office had monitored the sale of broken commercial rice from Nueva Ecija already being sold at P35-P36 per kilo in local markets.   The price of well milled commercial rice in the market already ranges from P36 to P40 per kilo.

Imported rice is expected to arrive towards the end of June, Orias said. The importation of rice was stopped by the government last February per request of the farmers group to protect the selling price of the second crop from February to May. (Nora Dominguez)

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