Mayor Belen: No to STL

DAGUPAN City Mayor Belen Fernandez told newsmen on May 10 that she is not keen on allowing the entry of Small Town Lottery (STL) in Dagupan.

Asked by newsmen on the issue of STL, she said categorically: “We do not want any STL in Dagupan. That has not yet been discussed.”

The numbers game in Dagupan is the off-fronton jai-alai operated by Meredien Vista Gaming Corporation whose business permit was issued by Fernandez’s predecessor Benjamin Lim but when this expired, was renewed under her administration.

Fernandez, however, clarified that if the STL is approved by the national government, particularly the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO), she will study the matter in order not to offend Archbishop Villegas.

Informed that some people are now putting up betting station in Bonuan and other parts of the city, she said nobody consulted her on this. (Leonardo Micua)

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