Hundred Islands ready for arrival of visitors

ALL roads leading to the Hundred Islands are green and go throughout the summer season.

This was the assurance of the Alaminos City Police Station after it activated it’s Oplan Summer Vacation (Oplan Sumvac) in anticipation of the influx of tourist into the city.

P/ Superintendent Benjamin Ariola, city police chief, said additional police personnel have been deployed to the business district areas and in Lucap.

The Alaminos City government also provided the city police a boat for its regular patrol of the islands to ensure the safety of visitors to the Hundred Islands National Park.

Ariola said Alaminos is a peaceful city compared to other cities but the police will be on high alert to neutralize thieves and robbers during the season.

He said the presence of thousands of visitors create opportunities and the motives for criminal minds to operate. “Our job is to prevent both opportunities and the motives for the criminals to operate,” he added.
The city police advise visitors to be conscious about the security of their belongings at all times and to adopt defensive driving in and around the city.  (Nora Dominguez)

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