More commitment needed

THE campaign against illegal drugs in Pangasinan is clearly regaining its lost momentum, after almost a month of suspension of operations by the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office.

As gathered from its updated data, there have been 1,875 Tokhang operations on emerging and old drug personalities and the watch list has been updated with 1,108 suspects in it.  And in addition to the towns of Sto. Tomas and Laoac, five more towns have been declared drug-cleared subject to validation by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

A more encouraging note was received from P/Sr. Superintendent Ronald Lee, acting provincial police director, who confirmed that many representatives of parish churches in Pangasinan have accepted the invitation to join Oplan Tokhang, visiting suspected drug pushers and users, to help prod the latter to reform, to surrender to the police for processing and to join community-based rehabilitation programs.

Still, much need to be done. Since drug users need their systems to be cleaned and cleared of their addiction, medical and religious sectors must commit more time to liberate them completely.

Drug pushers are mostly in for the livelihood (others out of need to help sustain their addiction). Civic clubs and professional groups must help local governments develop income opportunities.

Above all, no rehabilitation can ever work without the unconditional support of families.

Lying Lascanas

THAT Arturo Lascanas, the retired police officer who lied in a Senate hearing, is now in Singapore is something to ponder on. He left with his family, accompanied by a reporter from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, leaving behind a plethora of questions begging for answers.  Like, is he a possible fugitive in flight because a perjury case seems set to be filed against him by Sen. Panfilo Lacson?

Lascanas had testified in Sen. Gordon’s committee that the DDS (Davao Death Squad) did not exist when President Duterte was still Davao City mayor—only to do an about face months later before Lacson’s committee.

Who is spending for his Singapore stay, Police chief Bato dela Rosa wanted to know. In Singapore, Lascanas told the Inquirer reporter accompanying him that he would testify to the DDS existence if called upon by the ICJ (International Court of Justice).

May he see the light—and stop lying.

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