Tour scenic Pangasinan

DURING summertime, families are wont usually to take a trip to Baguio City for a cool breather. But if horrendous traffic and thick crowds are not your thing, one is better off planning a tour of scenic places in Pangasinan.

The best option is still to cool off and swim in pristine beaches and clear water falls backed by endless snacks in between after a sumptuous picnic lunch with families and friends. Nothing ever beats that!

Explore Hundred Islands and Bolo Beach in Alaminos City. Patar Beach in Bolinao.  Tondaligan Park at Bonuan Beach in Dagupan. White Beach in San Fabian.  The quiet beach in Binmaley. Well–maintained beach in Lingayen.

Enroute to these destinations, explore the century old churches between towns. The must-visit is the Our Lady of Manaoag Basilica.

There are well preserved nature and heritage parks in Bolinao, Mangatarem,  etc.

Better still, visit the Tourism & Trade Expo in Lingayen to help you plan summer trips and treats for family and friends!

Besides, why help the economy of other towns when we can help our own, first!


Duterte diplomacy

THERE is not an iota of doubt that Vice President Leni Robredo had recently pictured the Philippines in a bad light on the world stage. No debate there.  The saddest part was her “expose” lacked incontrovertible evidence when it was presented in a United Nations platform. Meaning, Leni’s video-taped message to the UN alleging “head-swapping” was bereft of rock-solid data.  (“Head-swapping” is a police scheme taking hostage a relative of a suspect being hunted by authorities.  The hostage will be released only when the suspect has surrendered.)

Leni’s spin to the UN is a clear indictment of the Duterte administration’s war against illegal drugs that has been labeled by the President’s critics as a camouflage for EJKs (extra-judicial killings).  Totally uncalled for.

But to his credit, Mr. Duterte, in a stunningly surprising twist, did not lash back at Robredo.  Instead, the Chief Executive even invited Leni to an intimate dinner—on the very day he was celebrating his 72nd birthday on March 28.  If that is not diplomacy at its best, what is?

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