Constricted shabu supply is proof, say


THE unrelenting campaign against illegal drugs has already succeeded, resulted not only in constricting the supply of shabu in the province but in transforming villages.

This is the determination of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office noting that most operations have resulted in confiscation of shabu in sachets no longer in big volumes as in the past.

According to P/Chief Inspector Norman Florentino, head of PPPO’s community relations, the delivery of shabu in sachets are the best that the financiers of the illegal drug trade can do in the face of the series of successful raids of shabu laboratories in other provinces and ‘tokhang’ in barangays in the province.

He also pointed out that out of 1,364 Barangays in the province, there were originally 1,269 drug affected barangays, only 95 unaffected Barangays, and since the campaign started, there are already 1,071 drug cleared and only 198 remaining to be cleared.

While only the towns of Sto. Tomas and Laoac have been cleared so far, the recommendations to declare the towns of Natividad, Agno, Bolinao, San Nicolas and Alaminos City are now being validated by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) since all their barangays have already been declared drug-clear.

Florentino said PDEA already started the validation of Alaminos, Agno and Bolinao last April 11.

He said to be declared drug cleared by PDEA, the local police station must confirm that the town does not have a single drug personality (user or pusher) and there is no shabu laboratory operating in the area and only then will PDEA begin its validation of the findings.

Florentino added that validation is taking longer because PDEA does not have enough personnel to do the validation. (Nora Dominguez)

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