Agno still waiting to be declared ‘drug-free’

THE Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency will soon decide if the remote town of Agno will be declared soon as drug-free municipality.

P/Sr. Inspector Frank Catalan, the town’s OIC-chief of police, said though the 17 Barangays of Agno were already declared drug-free last January 27, the town is still waiting for the validation and report of PDEA.

Catalan said, there were 225 drug personalities that surrendered and are now undergoing rehabilitation via the program of the municipal government.

He said the police station continues to keep a close watch over the 17 barangays, revisiting and monitoring all the self-confessed drug pushers and users who surrendered to ensure that they do not return to their old habits.

Meanwhile, Agno Police activated it’s Oplan Sumvac and deployed personnel in the beachline of Sabangan, Abagatanen and Aloleng to give security to the beachgoers that is expected to flocked this summer vacation. (Nora Dominguez)

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