Stopping drug supply line will end drug menace, say

FOR the war on drugs to succeed, the law enforcement agencies must strike hard at the very root of the problem–the source of illegal drugs.

Victor T. Llamas, former judge, a legal practitioner in Dagupan City, and author of the book “Drugs, the Law, Du30 and You”, a 300-page book whose 2017 revised edition came out recently, pointed that the manufacturers, producers and smugglers of illegal drugs, and importers of chemical agents in making drugs who should be the main targets, not the street pushers and users.

“It is actually very easy to manufacture illegal drugs. The materials for this can be easily procured. Even home-made shabu can be made,” said Llamas.

He stressed the need to stop the importation of materials in producing methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu.

Without drugs in our midst, our communities will be a lot safer,” he said in an exclusive PUNCH interview.

Without access to drugs, the drug addicts and dependents, except those in extreme cases or the psychotic ones, can get well and heal on their own naturally without need for them to go to the rehabilitation center, Llamas maintained.

He stressed that while there are side effects for taking drugs, he said, the side effects will eventually wear out as time goes on. “The important thing is to deprive the dependents of drugs by making supply unavailable,” he said.

Citing the early gains of PNP’s Oplan Tokhang, he said many drug addicts are now in their dormant stage because the volume of drugs had been greatly diminished and believes that once drugs are again abundant, the addicts will definitely return to their old flame, drugs.

Llamas, however, differs in the new tact employed by the Duterte administration that directed PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency), not the PNP, to lead the campaign contra illegal drugs.

“It should be the police that should head the campaign against illegal drugs because PNP has the manpower up to the precinct level, check the distribution of drugs every where, a function which even the local governments and the barangays can not do,” he said. “The PDEA, even the NBI, don’t have sufficient manpower to mobilize,” Llamas added.

He said rehabilitation centers, like the Dagupan Drug Treatment Center located in Dagupan City, should remain the facility for psychotics whose brain have already been seriously impaired.

His book deals on subjects like: toxicology of dangerous drugs, detection, drug tests and rehabilitation, salient features of Dangerous Drugs Act (RA 9165) augmented by a locator of punishable offenses and table of penalties and other related laws, law enforcement and prosecution, applicable rules of criminal procedure and evidence and other related topics.

Finally, to avoid seeing cases filed in courts being dismissed, he said it is important for law enforcers and local government officials to be knowledgeable about the law and procedures. (Leonardo Micua)

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