Sto. Tomas bids for two more Guinness records

STO. TOMAS—After successfully clinching a world record for longest barbecue in the prestigious Guinness World Records (GWR) in 2008, this town is gearing up for two more records, the ‘longest boodle’ and the ‘longest line of table’ respectively.

Mayor Timoteo Villar III said after he received a confirmation from GWR, the world’s authority in record-breaking achievements, acknowledging the town’s two bids, the first dry-run was done last week, March 12.

The town will make its twin attempts on April 2 by setting up 2,470 interconnected tables that measure eight-long feet (2.43 meters) each from the town’s welcome arch in the boundary in Rosales up to the exit to the nearby town of Alcala that spans about six kilometers.

Villar said the longest boodle will be composed of steamed rice with adobong Sto. Tomas con maiz, an original town recipe.

Maiz (corn) is the town’s One Town, One Product that earned for it a Guinness world record title for its Longest Barbecue Grill in 2008 (3,803.96 meters long) that grilled 93, 540 corn ears.

On April 2, 3,600 kilos of pork meat and 3,600 kilos of mixed vegetables will be prepared for the adobong Sto. Tomas.

To accomplish it, 60 pigs will be slaughtered, 60 cavans of steamed rice will be cooked. About 100 persons will be directly involved in the cooking simultaneously to be done at the town’s Food Processing Building.

With 10 persons who will partake of the boodle food per table. There will be 13,000 (from out of the town’s 17,000 population and expected visitors) that will be positioned around the tables.

For the dry-run, they used only 89 tables with 10 persons from the Department of Education, town employees, barangay officials and residents as well as Barangay Health Workers.

The participants partook of cooked 57 kilos of adobong Sto. Tomas con maiz.

Villar said they will try to wrest the record from Alexandria, Egypt, the current record holder for longest line of table with 4.3 kilometers long while the longest boodle would be a new record as there is no current title holder yet.

It may be recalled that it was during the term of then Mayor Vivien Villar, who is Timoteo Villar’s aunt, when the town earned the title for the Longest Barbecue title in 2008 during the town’s 100th founding anniversary. (Tita Roces)

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